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Camino Against Cancer

From the first time I heard about the Camino de Santiago in Spain, I just knew I had to walk it. The funny thing was, when I told people what I was going to do, those who knew me didn’t … Continue reading

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DecisionClarity – Going Deeper

I have realized over the years that my presentation on decision-making is so crammed with details that LIFE program participants may feel somewhat overwhelmed with information. For those who would like to go deeper, the following may help support you … Continue reading

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An ‘Aha’ moment in the LIFE program

I recently joined the InspireHealth team and had the privilege of attending the LIFE program to experience first-hand what we offer our patients.  I considered myself as someone who had a fairly well-rounded knowledge of healthful eating habits, exercise, and stress … Continue reading

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Together, we are changing the story of cancer.

The Nigerian storyteller Ben Okri once wrote, “a people are as healthy and confident as the stories they tell themselves. Sick storytellers can make nations sick. Without stories we would go mad. Life would lose its moorings or orientation…. Stories … Continue reading

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