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Wishing you Happy holidays

As we head towards winter and the days grow shorter, many of us feel the pull to slow down, to wrap ourselves into something comforting and warm, and to shift our focus inside. Some of us might feel like we … Continue reading

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Lemon Drop Shortbread or Cocoa-Green Truffles anyone?

‘Tis the season for sweet merriment! My mission is to assist you in staying on track and not falling into the trap of overdoing the highly refined goodies this year. And so I am offering healthy recipes to satiate that … Continue reading

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“Cancer can be a long road… it’s the personal contact and sharing of experience that make you feel not alone.”

Just over two years ago, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. As a fifty-year old woman, my first reaction was “Isn’t that an old person thing?” I had never heard of it. Bladder cancer is not a high-profile cancer -it … Continue reading

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An invitation to engage the power of prayer

The experience of cancer can have a transformational impact-causing us to become more truly ourselves, more connected to our own values and life purpose and more in touch with a sense of the spiritual. A diagnosis of cancer, however skeptical … Continue reading

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December Research Updates

Dear Reader, In this month’s issue we look at a variety of topics, but the prevalent themes were soy, vitamin D, and exercise.  Soy isoflavones can serve a variety of purposes – Ahmad et al. found that soy isoflavones can … Continue reading

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