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You can help make a change in healthcare!

After almost 14 years serving BC cancer patients, InspireHealth is on the verge of a breakthrough in mainstreaming integrative care. As people engage in their own healing we see a shift from disease treatment to prevention and optimal health. It … Continue reading

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Healthy nutrition must lead healthcare reform

Healthcare reform has fallen short of addressing the true importance of healthy eating because traditionally it has been more focused on treating illness rather than preventing it. While new medical interventions may reduce cancer mortality rates, they are ineffective in … Continue reading

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Cancer Survivors find peace by partnering with horses! Horses Helping Humans Healâ„¢

A worldwide movement of complimentary health and wellness has found itself nose-to-nose with 1,200 pound horses in a unique healing modality… Many of us have appreciated and even benefited from the calming, healing experience of being with a domestic pet. … Continue reading

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The Healing Power of Stories

In our January 27th weekly newsletter, we issued an important invitation: for you -InspireHealth patients, support people, partners, medical practitioners, volunteers and friends- to share your story with us. We wanted to hear about your insights on integrated cancer care … Continue reading

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March Research Updates

Dear Reader: In this month’s issue, Landberg et al. found that whole grain and bran from rye reduced plasma PSA levels in men with prostate cancer when compared with those who ingested cellulose-supplemented wheat. Houston and associates found that narrative … Continue reading

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