Results of our 2011 Readership Survey

“Your newsletter gives me a boost and reminds me to make the most of every day. It reminds me that developing cancer does not mean death is imminent or that the good things of life are over. Commonplace reminders, perhaps, but ones we cancer sufferers do need to have reinforced continually. The newsletter tells me that there are people out there who care and others who are in the same shoes as me. And that is to say nothing of the valuable information it invariably contains.” 

In asking for your feedback regarding this, our weekly InspireHealth email, not once did we quite imagine the overwhelming response we would get. We set time aside and read through each and every one of your comments and observations – to say we were moved is an understatement. We had goose bumps as we read, and then reread, the dozens of comments – many constructive, many heartwarming, some critical, yet each and every one invaluable in informing us of what you are looking for from the InspireHealth weekly email. It is truly inspiring to learn that we are reaching you all with our efforts.

Thank you so much for taking the time to provide us with this valuable feedback; for sharing your insights and thoughts with us; and most importantly, for helping us as we work to build and grow our community here at InspireHealth.

Read on for some highlights of what our readers shared with us, or click here to see all of the survey results. 

Patient Stories

“I want to hear about the survivors! I can never hear enough! Still, the world view of cancer is associated with death. We want to know about those who are living and doing well. While at the LIFE Program, I told someone that I felt bad because I was a survivor – nearly the only one in remission at the program. But they told me they needed me there. That they could be me, too. We were helping each other. It was powerful.”

From your feedback, we learned that hearing both patient and survivor stories can play a huge role in supporting you through your journey. In order to honour your requests to feature more of your stories in our weekly email, we are asking that any of you who are interested in sharing your story -either written or on video – with the InspireHealth community contact Sinead at

You do not have to be an amazing writer, or comfortable in front of a camera – we will be there every step of the way to offer support and guidance for those patients and support people who are willing to share their experience. This is an opportunity for you to share your story and help those who may feel vulnerable, scared and alone in their diagnosis – help us reach out to these patients and impact their cancer journey by sharing your own.

Get Involved

In the comments we received from you, many of you shared fantastic tips and lifestyle suggestions that would be beneficial for your fellow patients to also read. With the InspireHealth blog, we are hoping to build a community where you can share such information.  We encourage you to leave your feedback, any thoughts you may have on the content or any advice you have for other patients in the comments section. You might be surprised by the conversations your comments ignite! This is a wonderful way to discuss topics that matter to you with like-hearted individuals. As a member of InspireHealth, you are part of a larger community – each person that makes up that community has knowledge and expertise that can be shared to support one another through cancer.

To leave a comment on our blog:

  • Click the ‘Leave a Comment’ button that features at the bottom of each post.
  • Under the heading ‘Leave a Reply’, type in your comment.
  • Click the button ‘Guest’ and enter your details (if you wish to remain anonymous, it is not mandatory to give your full name) and press the ‘Post Comment’ button to share your comments with the InspireHealth community!


“I’m especially interested in cutting edge research. Keep up the great work!”
A lot of you expressed interest in our research updates, revealing that  it is this content that you value the most from our weekly email. Every month, our Library Technician, Jan, sends out monthly Research Updates – if you wish to add your name to this mailing list, email Jan at You can also find an extensive archive of these Research Updates on our website. We will also continue to explore how we can bring you yet more research content through our weekly update.


Recipes and Nutrition

“I’ve made most of the recipes that you’ve featured and loved every one of them. It’s very helpful to me and my family to receive so much local and seasonal inspiration.”

Many of you revealed that the recipes and nutritional advice that are featured in the weekly email are useful and relevant to you in your day-to-day life. We are continually working with our fantastic nutritionist, Lisa-Marie and Choices’ dietician, Desiree, to ensure that we provide you with recipes and tips to help support healthy lifestyle choices. For more grocery and cooking tips, come to one of our InspireHealth Nutrition Tours which takes place every other Friday at 11.30am at Choices Market in Kitsilano. Also, Lisa-Marie’s nutrition blog has a great archive of healthy recipes and articles on eating healthfully.

Expanding beyond Vancouver!

“Living in the Interior is a long way from Vancouver.  I would really like to attend some of the seminars that are put on time to time, but with work it’s hard for me to get down there.”

Several of you brought it to our attention that many of the community events and seminars we promote are Vancouver-based. Thank you for bringing this to our attention – going forward we will make more of an effort to ensure that the featured content is relevant to as many readers as possible.  For those of you who are not located in Vancouver, the good news is that InspireHealth is expanding across British Columbia and beyond! The Provincial Government has provided us with a one-time, start-up funding totaling $2.5 million for new InspireHealth centres in Victoria, Kelowna, Abbotsford, and Prince George, with the first centre opening in Victoria this October! Please visit our website for more information on these new centres. Also, watch out for news in the near future on a series of online webinars that we will be running soon.

Almost 50 percent of you who responded to the survey open and read our weekly email every week! Safe in the knowledge that you appreciate and value the content and frequency of our email, we will continue to share our weekly news with you.

Thank you again to all of you who took the time to fill out the survey and respond with such inspirational feedback – this will help us improve the content and ensure that you are getting value from this each week in your inbox.

About inspirehealthbc

InspireHealth is a world leader in cancer care. InspireHealth focuses on our patients’ health using an integrated approach that combines nutrition, exercise, emotional and spiritual support with standard cancer treatments. InspireHealth’s programs are evidence-based, we apply leading-edge immune system research to optimize cancer healing and recovery. Operating in Vancouver since 1997, our team of physicians and health care professionals has provided integrated care to over 6,000 cancer patients. We are also expanding with five new centres in Victoria, Kelowna, Abbotsford, Prince George, and online.
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